RedMonk. Party. Tomorrow. Boston.

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Party might be a slight overstatement, actually. So how about the simpler “beers and dinner.” The occasion is that I’ll be doing some for work for a client just outside the city for the afternoon, then heading into town early evening.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to be at the 21st Amendment – AKA Boston’s House of Shields – sometime between 7 and 8. It’s not particularly close to where I’m staying – my usual choice, the Hotel Marlowe, wanted a crazy $330 for a room – but it’s the only venue for RedMonk.

If you’re in town, and would like to join me, please do. As usual, I’ll be the guy in the Sox hat. The one that’s been bleached to a sickly grey by a summer of sun and salt.


  1. Just wanted to suggest a pre-RedMonk-party meetup… Christofer Hoff from Crossbeam Systems organizes an every 3rd Wednesday gathering called BeanSec. Starts at 6; draws quite a crowd.


    Many of the topics Christofer’s blogged about seem to be in RedMonk territory. Plus his bio and Twitter stream (@Beaker) are awesome! Thinking you might enjoy meeting him.

  2. Nice to see that the semi-official San Fransisco RedMonk branch bar is available in Boston too 😉

  3. Damn. Sorry I’ll have to miss it.

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