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Following last week’s mentions of open spots at projects as varied as the Hype Machine and the OLPC, I got a couple of pings from clients regarding open spots on their rosters. As we’re continually trying to a.) keep all of you informed of cool new jobs and b.) make our very kind, paying clients happy, I’m only too happy to post things that satisfy both of those requirements. And just for the record, yes, I mean both – I’m not going to post anything here that I don’t think is of particular interest to you folks. These interest me, and therefore might interest some of you.

  1. OpenSolaris:
    This one is two open reqs, from what I’m told. There are spots for a.) a kick ass open source marketer and b.) an intern. The upside is that you get to work on an interesting open source project in OpenSolaris; the downside is that Sara takes no guff whatsoever (I’m kidding, she’s excellent). The OpenSolaris project, IMO, has excellent potential but real, existing problems. Fortunately, the majority of the problems – hello, package management – are solvable with some sustained effort. The combination of opportunity and challenges would be a fun gig for the right person. If you’re interested, drop Sara a line directly (she’s not hard to find), or ping me and I’ll connect you.
  2. Zend Framework:
    Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard of PHP – the language that powers, well, just about everything these days. And even the least technically aware of you have probably at least heard of Ruby on Rails, the framework that’s taking the world by storm. Well, the Zend Framework is one Rails-like framework – there are several to pick from – available for PHP. And as Andi relates, the Zend folks are looking to hire a Senior Web Developer to help build out that framework. This is a chance, in other words, to be a committer on one of PHP’s answers to Rails – not a bad opportunity, IMO. Drop Andi and co a line if you’re interested and meet the requirements mentioned (PHP (obviously), Ajax, CSS, MVC, OO, and so on), or ping me and I’ll see that your info gets over.

Lastly, I have one private opportunity available, about which I’ll say only that it’s a.) high level and b.) with an open source product. I have a couple of potential candidates in mind that I’ll be sounding out shortly, but if you’re sufficiently experienced and open to new opportunities, drop me a line. If I think there’s a fit (note the “if”), I’ll try and get you in the door.

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  1. Hmm, I wouldn’t call the Zend Framework a rails-like framework. Especially not compared with Code Ignitor and CakePHP. I didn’t think that was really what they were going for.

    Disclaimer: it’s been a little while since I last looked hard at the Zend Framework. It’s probably time to take another look and make sure my info isn’t outdated. 🙂

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