links for 2007-03-24

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  1. 37 Signals have said similar ‘of course we’ll add exporting’ things in the past about basecamp, and as far as I know not done it. As usual, trust proprietary software as far as you can throw it.

    [Though damn, it is very, very good proprietary software. We used basecamp at the Berkman Center. Great, great stuff, and highrise looks to be just as good from the screenshots. They really Get It.]

  2. Luis: interesting feedback, i hadn’t known that, though i should have been more skeptical.

    to be honest, however, we need the functionality badly enough that even if they are lying it probably won’t change our plans.

    (hangs his head in shame)

  3. ‘Lying’ is a strong word; I give them the benefit of the doubt that their priorities shifted. That happens. Generally, it is clear that openness/transparency is less of a priority for them than design and other factors. It is a legitimate choice which seems to have worked out pretty well for them, and (so far) for their customers. You just have to take your chances that they don’t Turn Evil some day.

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