When’s the Next Denver Tech Meetup?

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You guys tell me. I’ve been woefully neglecting my responsibilities in scheduling our little users group without the user group style meetups, but I’m back on the horse. Dates currently available on this end include March 13-15, which would be a nice warmup for St. Patrick’s Day that Saturday, or the 19-21 as requested by Anne (slightly more problematic). It’s possible I’ll have travel complications for one of these dates, but for now I’m good.

If you can make these dates, do me a favor and let me know. I’ll pick whatever date the most folks can make, and once I know about how many I’m talking about I’ll look at the venue.

Hope to see you all soon.


  1. I vote for the 14th.

  2. The first part of the week is tough for me, the traditional Thursday night meetup is a bit better. Monday and Wednesday evenings are out due to volleyball, and the 20th is a potential Fantasy Baseball draft night. So I guess I vote for the 13th.

  3. What is this Denver Tech Club of which you speak? Is it a private thing, or something that anyone can join in on? I only recently subscribed to your blog feed (how could I not follow the blog feed of a fellow Mile-High Linux geek?) and am trying to get up-to-speed.

  4. My vote is for the first week, but I could probably make the 2nd.

  5. Next week works, in SF the week after…

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