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What Do I Have In Common With…

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alan Trammel, Kelsey Grammer, Alan Rickman, David Geffen, or Nina Simone. I’ll give you a hint: it’s neither success nor popularity. Need I add talent?

Categories: Personal.

  • Mike Dolan

    Happy Birthday?

  • Edward O’Connor

    Breathlá shona dhuit, Stephen!

  • Anne Z.

    Happy birthday!

    Wow, February is a HUGE month for birthdays. We have four birthdays to celebrate to this weekend, including my son Henry’s! Well, make that five. I’ll drink an extra toast to you.

  • Craig Bender

    Happy belated B-Day Mr. O’Grady! One of these days we will get to meet up for a beer. Remind me to sing you happy birthday when we do.

  • sogrady

    Mike: well done, and thanks :)

    Edward: go raibh míle maith agat ;)

    Anne: thanks much, and say happy bday to Henry for me.

    Craig: much appreciated sir. look forward to the future beer.

  • Mike Dolan

    Wow, I got it… I had heard something about it being Kelsey Grammers birthday on the radio or something… what a swag. Congrats (day after) – have another beer.

  • Cote’

    I hope you had some cake and beer. A beer cake? Cake with little beers in it? Ice cream with little pies…mmmm….

    Happy (late) birthday ;)

  • David Comay

    Happy Birthday, Stephen. I’ll try and get you a new shell for next year. :-)

  • James Governor

    happy birthday guy

  • john simonds

    happy birthday stephen, wet a line for me