Man, Am I Happy I’m Not Flying Tonight

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I repeat, I must be stopped:

A furious winter storm is pounding the Northeast this afternoon with everything from heavy snow to serious icing to heavy rain.

In parts of western New York state (Steuben County), the snow already has piled up to two feet. The heaviest snow now is falling from northeastern Pennsylvania into northern New England. Another one to two feet (locally more) is expected to accumulate from northern New York state east-northeastward into northern Maine. Blizzard conditions with blowing and drifting snow may add to the misery at times.

Significant icing is occurring in parts of Connecticut and central and eastern Massachusetts. Heavy rain, meanwhile, is pelting southeastern New England.

As the storm strengthens and moves northeastward over southeastern New England this afternoon and evening, cold air will sweep back eastward. Thus, areas that are being hammered by freezing rain or rain now may see the precipitation change back to snow and sleet. In locations where the temperature is currently above freezing, readings will plunge again and any slush or standing water will turn quickly to ice.

The good news is that I’m not flying tomorrow either; I’m taking the more weather indifferent train. The bad news is that I have to rent a car when I’m there to get to Friday’s event.

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