The Situation as of 9 AM ET

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I’ve spent countless hours between today and yesterday on the phone with a variety of carriers, and the end result is that I find myself at Logan waiting to catch a flight to JFK, and, theoretically, a connection back to Denver. I was originally rebooked on a flight leaving here at 12:30 AM tonight arriving in Denver at 3:05 AM, but this JFK connection should give me a better shot at getting home today rather than five hours before my flight is scheduled to depart tomorrow. And worst case, should that fail, I’ll already effectively be home for the holidays.

Anyhow, I was told by JetBlue this morning that DIA is expected to reopen at 11 AM MT, but everything I’ve seen since indicates that that’s, at best, optimistic. In other words, you’re likely to be receiving another one of these updates from JFK. If you’re waiting on something from me you’ll probably be getting it midday from there.


  1. Remember, nothing will wash down the misery – and remind you of home – finer than a nice, cold can of Coors Light.

    Oh and yeah…it just started snowing again.

  2. JetBlue has no clue. The local news said DIA won’t be open *at all* today. If you’re not traveling, it’s not a bad place to be. With a liquor store on my block, I might have to buy a keg of Coors Light and have a “snow party” today. 😉

  3. Ditto – Expect not to get home until Friday or later. Flights are piled up everywhere, and DIA has become a winter camp zone.

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