Where in the World is SOG?

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Just a quick note to keep you all updated on my availability the next few days. With Thanksgiving now in the rear view mirror, I’m right back on the road heading out to Stamford, CT for IBM’s annual analyst get together. Tomorrow’s flight is JetBlue – thankfully – and with any luck I’ll set foot in JFK tomorrow early evening, then drive myself up to Stamford. Thursday’s return flight is, to put it optimistically, sketchy, with a quick hop up to Boston to connect with my return flight from Logan, one of my least favorite airports (but don’t tell it that). If all goes according to plan, I’ll return to Denver sometime around midnight on Thursday. While traveling, you guys know the drill: use the cell (617.320.9757) or email.

And just in case you thought next week was any different, it’s not – I’m headed back to Boston for a day. And the week after that? Will be visiting the fair city of Austin for two days. The week after that is not quite fixed yet, but could see me visiting the West Coast followed by a trip back to NJ for Christmas.

If I can make it to Christmas break, I’ll be ok. But I’m beginning to wobble a bit.


  1. If you won’t necessarily need a car around Stamford, a better option would be to use Primetime Shuttle. It should cost you around $100 roundtrip and you won’t have to drive on the busy (read ‘slow’) expressway to Whitestone Bridge.

  2. thanks for the tip, Ervin. i’ve already arrived, but i’ll keep that in mind for next time.

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