Congrats to My Little Brother

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I’m getting waylaid by a combination of incoming press calls and IRC distractions so the Q&A is taking a bit longer than I thought, but before I forget I wanted to congratulate my little brother. He doesn’t read this blog, so this is one of those posts that I’m writing just for me, but he’s done very well for himself lately. He started a new job today (works in the hedge fund industry) with a role that very few people his age have ever held. As Steve Gillmor has been known to say of his brother Dan, Nick is younger but wiser than his elder brother. While I’m a believer that one should never be defined by their work (except in the case of social workers, doctors, educators and so on), he’s accomplished a great deal in his career and has dealt with both pressure and adversity with poise and class.

I’m very proud of him.


  1. Nice post. Reminds me of my younger brother. He’s about to graduate college, is taking interviews with financial firms, and wins his older brother’s pride, too.

  2. i am proud of you Stephen. you can’t do much more than start changing the world. every day its a privelege to work with you. oh yeah – regards to your brother. wiser than you perhaps/he certainly is more money oriented. but smarter- that i would like to see.

  3. Eric: thx, and congrats to your little brother.

    james: it ain’t just me changing the world, remember – there’s this other british guy involved 😉

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