An Open Letter From Me to Every Technology Firm We Cover

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Greetings Gentlefolk,

Really appreciate all of you taking the time to keep things interesting this fall, what with the blah summer we all had. I mean, where were the takeovers in August? The forks of July? The partnerships of June?

Small favor to ask, though. How about taking a week or, hell, maybe even two – let’s have a good Thanksgiving – off from the earth shattering, industry changing, hell freezing over news? What do you say?

It’d be great if I could get caught up on my email, travel planning and Christmas shopping.

Thanks much in advance,

Stephen O’Grady


  1. Now you know that you’ve just opened the floodgates … tech firms are currently running around looking for something earth-shattering to steal your peace with!

  2. genius post man. spot on.

  3. Ric: i’m sure they are, the bastards 😉

    james: 😉

  4. let’s hope the masses read this.

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