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Short Notice, But Denver Tech Meetup Next Thursday?

What say you? Venue would be TBD (Supper Club’s out for reasons I’ll go into later), timing would be 6:30ish, agenda would be the usual bit of beers, gossip and general socializing.

Let me know. If it works for enough of you, I’ll get rolling on organizing and recruiting.

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  1. Count me in from the Jabber contingent!

  2. I’m in, too. I’d suggest Via. They know us there, and have a back room we could use, but is still visible from the bar so that people can find us easily.

  3. I could probably make it. Won’t know until early next week.

  4. Peter & Joe: excellent. i don’t know how many we’ll get, but i’m game. Via sounds just fine. what do i need to do to reserve the space?

    Anne: outstanding, hope you can make it.

  5. I’ll stop in tomorrow and find out what we need to do.

  6. I think that I will be able to attend.

  7. sogrady: contact me if you didn’t get my email with via info.

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