Apologies in Advance for the Comment Spam…

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Those of you who subscribe to the comment feed here are probably going to see a small horde of gibberish comments in it shortly, if you haven’t already. Generally, since integrating Akismet into our Movable Type instance, we do pretty well at managing a fairly high volume of spam – one every couple of seconds, on average.

Occasionally, however, it would seem that MT gets overwhelmed and a spam comment slips through. Or so I conclude from the fact that when I examine said comment within MT, it shows no scoring whatsoever – implying that it was never filtered by any MT’s various spam defenses. After the problem with someone recently, they suggested that it might be that our hardware was running out of gas, but I find that unlikely. If a dual Opteron box with better than 3 gigs of RAM can’t run our simple web properties, there’s something grievously wrong – not to mention the fact that whenever I check it’s not exactly pegged.

Anyhow, at around 1 PM MT this afternoon we sustained a very high volume attack (over 8200 junked comments and counting just today), and dozens if not a couple of hundred spam comments slipped through. I’ve cleaned them up, but some will doubtless be circulating in the comment feeds. On that note, I was quite careful about what got junked, but there is always the possibility that a good comment got caught in the wrong net. If you think that’s the case, drop me a line and I’ll fish your comment out of the junk bin. I’m pretty sure there weren’t any such cases, but I suppose it’s possible.

Apologies in advance, and again, let me know if you think you lost a comment.

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  1. Guess I spoke to soon in my post! Have you tried just blocking the offending IP? Usually when I get attacks they all come from just a couple IPs.

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