Bogged Down

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I was hoping to kick out a piece today that looks at some of the recent discussion around dynamic language performance, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. As is the case more often than I’d like, I’m sinking quickly in the bog that is RedMonk operations. Speaking of, my thanks to the Beagle team; we were trying to track down an invoice/PO situation today, and the search application was able to find the precise email I wanted – one that documented a PO that isn’t supposed to exist. So that part was good. On the less good front, if anybody knows the folks from Jot Tracker I’d appreciate if you could ping me their contact info. I need to get into a tracker that we maintain over there, but unfortunately it seems as if the spreadsheet in question can’t find either the required Javascript or stylesheets, because it doesn’t render. I emailed the support link, but so far, nada.

On a barely related note, I just wanted to say that wireless printing rocks. Shortly after reading about Federico’s experiences with the Linksys Wireless G print server, I picked one up. It’s been a godsend the past two days, because I don’t want to have to shift to a desktop to print shipping labels, contracts, and so on. With the print server, I don’t have to. It was also absurdly easy to set up in Ubuntu: just give it a.) the IP of the network print server, and b.) the appropriate driver to use, and you’re done.

Anyhow, will have some more substantial stuff for you soon as I dig myself out.


  1. But here’s a caveat:

    What printer driver are you using? I still suspect that some kinds of PostScript (especially images) make the dongle crash or something. After switching to HPGL for my Laserjet, it has been working fine.

  2. Federico: no issues here so far. i have a PhotoSmart 8150, which is using the hpijs driver, so far without incident. haven’t had to reimage the dongle yet either.

    could be i’ve got a bit later version of the dongle, though, since i bought it more recently.

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