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A, O, Oh Way To Go Ohio

C’mon, who doesn’t love The Pretenders? Anyway, just dropping everyone a quick note to let you know that I a.) successfully made my engagement this morning (and had a good time on the project), b.) successfully reacquired my automobile, and c.) cranked out a quick 550 miltes before crashing here at the Travelodge in Willoughby, OH just short of Cleveland (verdict: not recommended). As is my custom, I’ll be getting up a bit late – hopefully avoiding some of the Cleveland rush hour in the process – and then heading west on I-90 towards Toledo where I’ll pick up I-80. Took a couple of calls this afternoon/evening on my drive, and will be doing the same tomorrow.

And before I forget, thanks to Bill Higgins for taking the time out to meet me for dinner last night, and Christine Sterne for her very kind and thoughtful CD donations for my return trip (they’re queued up for tomorrow AM).

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