Travel Plans Slowly Taking Shape…

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As I’ve been telling folks all day, apart from a client call earlier, I’ve been almost entirely occupied with making travel arrangements and finalizing my exit both from Maine generally and the Brunswick Business Center specifically as my summer lease expires tomorrow. The net of all of this boring administrivia is that I have something of a handle on where I’m going to be/when.

  • Tomorrow:
    While tomorrow was originally scheduled as an in person client visit down in Waltham, that has been postponed due to availability reasons but I will nonetheless still be visiting Boston. I’ll be on the 1:55 train down to Beantown, and should be in Boston for the balance of the evening and potentially part of Friday morning as well. Unfortunately, I’m currently booked with one dinner engagement and a birthday party, so will not have the opportunity to meet up with any of you folks. Not to worry, however, as it’s looking like I’ll be back very soon.

  • Next Week:
    Due to my regrettably Just-In-Time travel proclivities – not to mention some other variables outside of my control – I was unable to procure flights to and from Denver this weekend. That’s perhaps not surprising to some of you, seeing as it is a holiday, but I only remembered that this week. Instead, my travel schedule next week looks to be as follows:

    • Tuesday:
      Morning is getting the car serviced (more on that later, damn you Volvo), then I pick up the Az monster and hop an afternoon flight out of Portland to JFK, connecting through to Denver arriving at 10:40 PM. 12 hours with an angry cat in a combination of airports and planes? Who wouldn’t love that? Ah, the things we’ll do for our pets…

    • Wednesday:
      Right back up and at ’em, leaving Az under the watchful eye of some Denver friends, and catching an 11:20 AM flight into JFK, where I’ll pick up a connection that dumps me back in Portland at 10:20 PM.

    • Thursday/Friday:
      Who’s up for some driving? I know I will be. Fresh off two full days of nothing but air travel, I’ll embark on two days of nothing but car travel. And did I mention that my iPod is now officially dead, as in “returning read errors on the drive” dead? Should be tremendous.

In all seriousness, however, however bad next week’s travel ends up being, it’s been entirely worth it. Can’t recommend the summering out-of-town plan enough.

From a contact perspective, here’s the deal. Beginning tomorrow afternoon, I’ll no longer have a summer office. The best way to reach me over the next week or so will be my cell phone, which as a reminder is 617.320.9757. Air travel days will obviously be tough on availability, but I’ll be around otherwise – if slightly out of the loop.


  1. Give me a call/ping if you get down to Corvallis as part of your Portland trip.

  2. donnie: sorry, should have been more specific. i’m talking about the *other* portland – the one in ME 😉

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