Couple of Random Bits: Travel, Vacation,

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As is now my summer habit, I will not be in the office tomorrow, and will instead be taking the day off. Given that last week’s vacation day spent on the water triggered the worst Red Sox series loss in almost 50 years, I’ve decided that a change of plans was in order. Tomorrow, rather than tool around on some of the inland waterways, the parents – who are visiting – and I will be taking a trip up the Kennebec to Bingham/Moscow area of Maine for some rainbow trout fishing. Before I go, a couple of items that don’t deserve their own posts.

  • NYC Visit:
    This Saturday, I’ll be making the trip down to NYC in order to attend a friend’s elopement party, or whatever the appropriate term is. I don’t yet know what my schedule is, but I’ll post here on Saturday or Sunday morning if I’ll have some availability to get together with anybody living down there…say, someone recently transplanted 😉

  • Maine to Denver Transition:
    Many of you have been asking when and how I’m returning home to Denver, and unfortunately I do not have a complete schedule as yet. It is probable, but not definite, that I’ll be commencing the drive on Wednesday of the first week of September, the 6th. That would require that I fly the Az monster home sometime prior to that date, and I would like to avoid if possible flying her too close to the drive date. If necessary, I’ll stretch the time out but some other upcoming travel is making it somewhat important that I get back to Denver. I do know that I will be in Maine through at least September 5th, because that’s when the new ride goes in to the dealership for an oil change and regular maintenance visit.

    My time here is short, which is regrettable.

  • Best Sports Blogger Award:
    Definitely goes to ESPN’s Buster OIney. The only catch is that it’s a blog for ESPN Insiders – also known as paying subscribers. But if you do happen to be a subscriber, Olney’s daily (except for Tuesday) pieces have become a must read. It’s not that he’s always right – his assertion the other day that the Red Sox problems could be traced to not spending enough money I thought were totally off base – but that he embraces values that are far more common to the blogging world than they are to sportswriting: transparency, accountability, and inclusion. When he screws up, he’ll be up front and explain how and why, and I respect him for it. He even went so far as to write a New York Times Op-Ed explaining how he blew his coverage of steroids over the years; that could not have been a fun admission. Anyhow, I’m not going to tell you to sign up for ESPN as I did (as an aside, I really wish they’d stop sending the magazine), but if you are signed up I definitely recommend Olney. He’s one of the best in the business.

  • Google Letdowns:
    Couple of Google services have been letting me down of late. First, Gmail is becoming positively overrun with spam – I’m waking up to between 5 and 15 spams every morning, and more throughout the day. On any other services – like our corporate accounts – this would be acceptable, even normal. But it’s very unusual for Google.

    Less ideal is the fact that Google Browser sync seems to have stopped working. At best now it will record 2-4 tabs, so that if I crash Firefox I lose the 10-15 others I usually have open. When I first started with it, it was a perfect replacement for SessionSaver. Now, it’s just not reliable.

With that, I’m just about out of here. Any urgent calls tomorrow should go Cote‘s way, and then I’ll take over for him as he goes on vaca next week and I’m back in the office.


  1. I think it’s that all of those Book spams have been weakening the filters.

  2. (1) I’ll keep an eye out. This weekend is nutty for me (I currently count five social obligations in three days) but I’ll see what I can do. 🙂
    (2) I specifically won’t subscribe to Insider because of the [email protected]#@! magazine. I want to subscribe to Insider for the incredibly insightful, mature, adult columnists they keep behind the pay wall (Rob Neyer by himself is almost worth the money), but I refuse to kill trees for the immature, puerile trash they call ‘The Mag’. Shame; I was an Insider subscriber from nearly day 1, but I accidentally let the subscription lapse and then couldn’t resub without The Rag, and just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

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