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In case some of you had clicked on About link on the blog and were subsequently deposited back on redmonk.com, my apologies. I still haven’t had the time to figure out what in our Apache config is preventing me from fixing our broken .htaccess files (if there any Apache wizards lurking I’d love to hear from you), but I did correct the link and redid the page. In the process I dropped some Dojo Tooltip love; mouseover the contact information to see it in action. Dojo’s obviously overkill and somewhat gratuitous for something this simple, but I’ve been meaning to play around with it and it’s pretty easy to work with. The documentation is sparse, and there’s not a lot of hand-holding, but once you get started it seems fairly straightforward (note: use relative rather than absolute links to the scripts).

I was going to trial Dojo in my instance of Eclipse, but the Ajax Toolkit Framework looks to be only compatible with 3.2, so I did everything by hand.


  1. Hi Steve,

    Re: Dojo – it’s great but like you said is probably a bit much for a simple tooltip. I’ve found that the Dojo mailing list ( http://dojotoolkit.org/mailman/listinfo/dojo-interest ) is great for getting Dojo and general Ajax help.

    Re: Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF) – this is a huge helper for Ajax development – the integrated DOM browser and XHR Monitor are life savers. The big problem with it is not its Eclipse v3.2 pre-req but rather it’s WTP 1.5 pre-req which in turn pre-reqs EMF, GEM, SDO, etc.

    BUT, if you can handle that pre-req stack, ATF’s very nice. If you have an FTP server, I could upload a pre-configured Eclipse workbench with ATF and all of its pre-reqs; this is the same workbench that I distribute to my team, minus the Jazz bits 😉

    Just email me if you want the pre-configured ATF-enabled workbench.

    PS – Adam Peller from Rod Smith’s group is a good contact for this stuff. He used to work on ATF but is now working full-time on Dojo. His email address is apeller and the normal US IBM suffix.

  2. bill: will def drop you a line when i want to give ATF a spin. for now, i’m content with RadRails (thanks to you of course for getting that working ;). i did actually browsing the Dojo mailing list a bit, and as is the case with a lot of these things, that’s a gold mine of good info.

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