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Since I arrived out in Maine, I have yet to hook up the DirecTV. In my hasty departure, I happened to leave the remote behind (though it’s been mailed to me a by a helpful friend) which dampens the appeal of the combination TV/Tivo device. Besides, it’s been nice to take a break from it, catching games on the radio and chewing through books.

Tonight, however, I will be hooking up the TV because I am most certainly not missing Pedro’s return to Boston. Like Bob Ryan, I’m hopeful that our fans will do the right thing and give Pedro the standing ovation he deserves – as they did last night during a brief video tribute – because for the duration of his tenure in Boston he gave us everything he had. And that was more than enough, on most nights.

His ’99/’00 seasons were probably the finest I’ll see in my lifetime, and were opportunities to see one of the rarest things in sports – a truly transcendent performer – on display in my home park. If you have the opportunity to catch the Mets/Sox game this evening, I’d highly recommend it – should be electric.

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  1. oh man Zidedine Zidane on Saturday played truly transcendent football – he made the brazilans look sloppy and unskilled. god it was good.

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