Thanks, Danese

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As some of you may have gathered from the last two posts, I’ve arrived in San Francisco successfully. There was some question at the end as to whether or not I’d make my flight, but thanks to Danese’s willingness to push her rental Voyager well beyond its typical performance profile (I hope no one ever buys that thing), and the efficiency of the Mexico City airport staff, I made my flight with a lot of time to spare. For the record, the Mexico City airport may be absurdly large, but it’s one of the cleanest and most efficient airports I’ve been to in a long while – apart from the weird shuttle system out to my plane.

But before I forget, I’d like to thank Danese, and the rest of her gang (Mark, Matt, Max, and Mike) for a.) helping to navigate to the Mexico City airport and b.) being willing to drop me off first so that I could make my flight. The lift to the airport was much appreciated, as it saved me and RedMonk better than a hundred bucks.

In other news, I’ll have more thoughts on both DebConf and JavaOne shortly.


  1. i didn’t know you got in last night. my cell is near dead, if you tried to call me, and having some issues retreiving messages anyway

  2. Welcome back to the US of A – and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Mexico for DebConf. Take care… –ClaireG

  3. hahah, mexico city airport is a pain in the ass. its like a small city, i hate it.

    job othoniel

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