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My Blogroll (Finally)

One more thing before I head out fishing on this fine Sunday afternoon. As I mentioned a while ago, at the time that I cut over from Bloglines to Feedlounge I lost my blogroll, because FL did not expose my subscriptions as did Bloglines. Well, I’m happy to report – even though none of you have really asked for it – that my blogroll is back. Not as a JavaScript include, in the Bloglines fashion, but as HTML, OPML and RSS feeds respectively.

One of the things that I like about the Feedlounge guys (and am willing to pay for the service) is that they don’t sit around – they continually seek ways to improve the interface. Recently they added in-UI tagging (in a release named after me, I’m honored to say), and now it’s subscription availablility.

So, for those of you that might be slightly curious as to what I’m reading, here – for your reading pleasure – are my subscriptions in HTML, OPML and RSS formats. Can’t wait to see what people do with the data now that they have an API for it.

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  1. Is it important to have a JS include version of the blogroll? It could be added fairly easily, I suppose.

  2. scott: for me, it probably doesn’t matter b/c my blogroll is sizable enough that i’m not going to be sticking it back in my right margin. but some folks do miss it coming over from bloglines, i think.

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