My Blogroll (Finally)

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One more thing before I head out fishing on this fine Sunday afternoon. As I mentioned a while ago, at the time that I cut over from Bloglines to Feedlounge I lost my blogroll, because FL did not expose my subscriptions as did Bloglines. Well, I’m happy to report – even though none of you have really asked for it – that my blogroll is back. Not as a JavaScript include, in the Bloglines fashion, but as HTML, OPML and RSS feeds respectively.

One of the things that I like about the Feedlounge guys (and am willing to pay for the service) is that they don’t sit around – they continually seek ways to improve the interface. Recently they added in-UI del.icio.us tagging (in a release named after me, I’m honored to say), and now it’s subscription availablility.

So, for those of you that might be slightly curious as to what I’m reading, here – for your reading pleasure – are my subscriptions in HTML, OPML and RSS formats. Can’t wait to see what people do with the data now that they have an API for it.


  1. Is it important to have a JS include version of the blogroll? It could be added fairly easily, I suppose.

  2. scott: for me, it probably doesn’t matter b/c my blogroll is sizable enough that i’m not going to be sticking it back in my right margin. but some folks do miss it coming over from bloglines, i think.

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