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Apologies for the light posting yesterday/today; the project that I mentioned earlier in the week is dragging on. Anyhow, I wanted to let everyone know not to expect anything from me tomorrow, as I’ll be out of the office and unavailable. Probably won’t be blogging, unless something really strange happens.

Also wanted to let everyone know that I got everything straightened out and that I will in fact be at LinuxWorld in Boston next Wed/Thurs. I’m on the red eye in Wednesday, and leaving Thursday evening. I’ve already scheduled time with IBM and MySQL – I’ll miss Ingres, apparently. If you’ll be there and want to meet up, drop me a line. I think dinner is already booked with some of my friends back there, but my schedule isn’t too bad otherwise.

If you’re going to be at LinuxWorld, I suggest dropping by the panel I’m moderating, which features an interesting lineup of Sleepycat/Oracle’s Mike Olson, MySQL’s Marten Mickos, and EnterpriseDB’s Andy Astor. Having met all three and heard them speak – and to disclaim it, Mike’s a client of ours – I’m pretty confident it’ll be an interesting session. One of the things that I’m going to ask them about is the general reluctance expressed by many of the CIO’s at the last OSBC Boston to entrust their mission critical applications to open source databases. There are a lot of possible answers to that question, and I’m interested to see how they handle it. If any of you have questions you’d like to pose to those folks, leave them as a comment and I’ll see that they get asked and answered.

Anyway, hope to catch some of you soon.

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  1. give martin and andy the soft sell… or the hard sell if you like – it would be nice to have all three of them onboard! 🙂

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