Should I Go to LinuxWorld?

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Contrary to the emails I’m getting from the IDG Organizers (I keep getting speakers instructions and so forth), I’m not atually speaking at LinuxWorld Boston (as far as I know, anyway ;). At this point, I’m not even registered to attend. I have the past couple of years, but somehow hadn’t scheduled it this year – either because I’ve been on the road seemingly forever, or because the Red Sox won’t be playing at home during the show (they’re away at Texas).

But I’m certainly not averse to going, not to one of my pseudo-hometowns, particularly if some of our customers and other friends are going to be there.

What say all of you? Who’s going to be there?


  1. I’ll be there. Would love to meet up if you’re there too. -ian

  2. I’ve been wondering the same thing. The last few times I’ve been to LinuxWorld, I’ve gone because it’s a great place to meet up with everyone. Now it seems like more and more people are deciding not to go …

  3. Greetings Stephen,

    As the conference director for LinuxWorld, I guess I’m the one with egg on my face here. I was trading email with Larry Augustin and Mike Olson a couple of weeks back about finding a moderator for a panel on open source databases – (click here for the session link). I misunderstood them to mean they had already contacted you, which now seems a bit incorrect.

    Obviously, if you’re not going, then that must mean that I need to find another moderator. So… would you like to go? I’m more than happy to sell you on the idea 😉

  4. Ack… My name was deleted from the above comment!

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