Next Tech Meetup Date: March 9th

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Ok, I know I dragged this out far too long – mostly due to travel concerns – but let’s just pick a date and run with it. So the date for the next Denver Tech Meetup is now officially March 9th. From the comments here, it seems as if folks like Alex, Dan and Matt can go – and I just pinged Lara as well and she’s in. That’s a good start; hopefully Lara can ping Larkin, and I’ll ping Lisa, Moriah, and Sam from Sun, and with any luck Peter will pick this up and we’ll be off and running. Mike has expressed interest as well.

Venue will be – barring unforeseen circumstances – the same as last time, the Wazee Supper Club. It’s easy to get to, close to some of the downtown offices, and most importantly, is my favorite.

If you don’t know what the Tech Meetup is all about, I like to describe it as a User Group meeting without the User Group; there’s no common affiliation other than we’re all in tech (and even that rule can be bent ;), and no technical meetings – just the after-meeting beers/cocktails (and maybe food).

Hope to see you all there.


  1. Sounds like a plan. 6:30-7-ish for the time?

  2. 6:30 works like a champ. see you there.

  3. Sounds great. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

  4. 24 Hours in Denver

    I’ll be in Denver this Thursday and Friday (March 9th to 10th). The goal is to work with Steve during that time, taking care of some admin stuff, and then hang out with The Master at work. Sometime soon we’ll…

  5. hey there, consider running this on meetup.com — i organize the NY Tech Meetup and it’s gotten really, really good. (disclosure: i’m also the ceo of meetup.com.) hope it gets good for y’all!

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