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Off to Camp

Mashup Camp

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Like Alex, Christopher and a few hundred of the best technologists out there, I’m on my way to Mashup Camp. This post is coming to you from Chef Jimmy’s in terminal A at DIA, my recommended destination for a pre-flight beer.

Alex – whose judgement must be called into question after he’s decided to take the same flight as me – and I will be arriving late tonight and staying at the Avante. I believe there are some pre-camp festivities, but I think we’ll be getting in too late. Besides, the wake up time for camp tomorrow is dairy-farmer early (why is that, exactly?).

Anyway, if you’ll be at Camp, look for the scruffy, torn jeans and flip-flops wearing guy in the Red Sox hat [1] – that’s me. The best thing about developer conferences? I can dress normally. For press and anybody else that needs to reach me while I’m there, give me a ring at 617.320.9757.

Bring on the mashups.

[1] For those that may never have actually seen a Red Sox hat, it’s a navy hat with a big, red “B” on the front.

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  1. Off to Mashup Camp

    I’m back in the Bay Area again for a couple of days to attend Mashup Camp. I’m quite looking forward to it.
    Note to self: if you played doubles volleyball earlier in the day, remember to ice your knees before getting on a plane.