Is Oracle Acquiring Sleepycat, Zend, AND Jboss?

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The short answer is: I have no idea, and this sort of speculation really isn’t my thing. When I last spoke with BusinessWeek’s Sarah Lacy, however, she seemed credible and well researched, and she asked the right questions. Thus, I won’t dismiss her the claims she makes out of hand. I’d personally be surprised if all three deals went through, but it’d be a very interesting and hugely transformative move on Oracle’s part.

But anyway, if you’re wondering whether I’ve seen the article in question, the answer is yes. If you’re curious as to whether I have any inside information on the deal, given that two of the three companies being speculated about are RedMonk clients, the answer is no.[1] As to whether there will be a Q&A on the prospective deal(s), the answer is: of course 🙂 Probably sometime tomorrow, as I have to pack and get ready for a trip to Boston.

[1] Even if I did, it’s not likely that I’d be permitted to share it.

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  1. So, when will Oracle become a RedMonk client?

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