Home Sweet Home

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You know how you can tell when you’ve been on the road too much? When your recollection of where you parked in the airport economy lot is from last week’s trip rather than this week’s. As it turns out, Lot C (where I thought I parked) is not all that close to Lot P (where I actually parked). A half hour and one triggering of my car alarm’s panic button later (it took me 30 minutes to get into range), I finally found my poor car and headed for home.

In the grand scheme of unfortunate economy lot experiences, this is marginally better than a return trip to Logan last year in the middle of winter in which I

  1. Slipped and fell on ice dropping a bag on myself in the process
  2. Stepped in a semi-frozen three inch deep puddle while wearing flip-flops (I know, I know)

all within 5 minutes of being home. Marginally.

The good news is that I appear to be back to my old travel luck, as we were delayed out of SFO by about 30 minutes due to an unspecified ground hold in Denver. I’m starting to get the feeling that certain airports don’t like me and are actively trying to prohibit my visiting.

The better news is that I’m home for a little while now. My next trip isn’t for a couple of weeks, which is huge: I’ve got work piled up like you wouldn’t believe. Incidentally, if any of you reading this are waiting on a semi-urgent email response, I highly recommend you IM me tomorrow b/c it’s likely to be a while before I get to you. Anyhow, after I dig out tomorrow I’ll try and get back to my regular posting frequency, and I’ve appreciated your patience over the last couple of weeks.

Update: Forgot a couple of things: thanks to Jim and Tom for dinner last night, to Mike for picking me up yesterday, and to Jennifer for taking good care of me while I was out. Apologies to John for not being able to chat longer, and to DeWitt for not being able to stop by. Next time, gentlemen, next time. For the folks that briefed me yesterday and after this morning’s presentation, thanks – much appreciated. And perhaps most importantly, congrats PT.


  1. > A half hour and one triggering of my car alarm’s panic button later (it took me 30 minutes to get into range), I finally found my poor car and headed for home.

    Hah! It only took me 20 minutes to find mine when I got home last Friday! πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m beginning to think you must live in the middle of a psychic sargasso or something. Changing planes in Denver for Albuquerque and a week in Santa Fe, we had the worst lost-luggage experience of my entire travel history. Then there were flight attendants working sick and Vicki thinks that’s how she ended up with the cold that took 3 full days out of our vacation week. It then took me, just in time for our return travel. I hate travelling sick, and it is interesting to see how disconcerting people find you when you are wearing a face mask for their protection.

    The return trip to Seattle had its plane-change in SFO and everything worked like clock-work. The week of rains had let up enough to keep my sandles dry. Heh [;<).

  3. Matt: thank god for the panic button, or i swear i’d still be out there πŸ˜‰

    orcmid: thankfully, i’ve been able to avoid the sick attendants, but otherwise, my travel luck is less than ideal. as for lost luggage, i hear you. the last time i lost it was when i was attending a vendor analyst summit, and if it hadn’t showed up i was looking at attending the next day’s sessions in jeans, flip-flops and a t-shirt πŸ˜‰

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