Travel This Week

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Just a reminder that I’m going to be out of the office pretty much the entire week. My schedule is as follows:

  • Mon AM: Flight to Boston via Atlanta
  • Mon PM: Arrive Boston, head out to Newton Marriott for OSBC
  • Tues: At OSBC
  • Wed AM: At OSBC
  • Wed PM: Return home to Denver
  • Thurs AM: Flight to NY
  • Thurs PM: Arrive in NY
  • Fri PM: Return home to Denver

Will be blogging as much as possible from OSBC, but I may miss a day or two. Very much looking forward to the sessions this week, and if you’re planning to be at OSBC definitely drop me a line. I’m currently slated to meet up with Sun’s Laura Ramsey and Hal Stern as well as Optaros’ Stephe Walli and Coppereye’s Kate Mitchell, and am hoping to track down folks from the OSDL, LSB, etc.


  1. hey steve, I think it might just be Wed at OSBC for me, hope to catch up. -brenda

  2. let’s definitely catch up, Brenda. need to hear how last week went, if nothing else 😉

  3. now, we also have to commiserate over Theo’s defection! see ya wed!

  4. SO’Grady:

    Why the BOS -> DEN -> NYC -> DEN Extravaganza? I hear that there are planes that actually fly between BOS and NYC!

    Glad to hear you will be in my neck of the woods; enjoy what’s left of the nice weather.


  5. brenda: ugh, i know. got hit with that once i landed.

    stephen: i’ll sacrifice extra time on a plane for a night in my own bed pretty much any day of the week, and twice on sunday. pretty absurd, i know, but what can i say? 😉

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