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Some travel related news and updates for those of you interested in my availability:

  1. Tonight:
    I’m headed to FROSUG to catch up on all things Solaris obviously, but also to catch Sun’s Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps and hear his “The Zen of Free: A Model for Understanding Open Source” talk. Should be very interesting, and might be a beer or two in my future as well 😉

  2. This Week:
    Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t pull off a trip back to my adopted home state this week so I will regrettably be missing the MESDA conference and Friend of RedMonk Brenda Michelson‘s Thursday night panel. It’s highly recommended for anybody in the area, as she’s lined up some very interesting folks from the likes of LL Bean and Visa.

  3. Next Week:
    I’m delighted to be attending Matt Asay’s OSBC conference in Newton, MA. I’ll be there probably Mon PM thru Wed PM and am hoping to meet up with folks like Brenda and Stephe Walli there. If you’ll be in attendance, drop me a line. I’m also very much looking forward to moderating “The Future of Enterprise Email” panel. Given my frustrations with calendaring, collaboration and messaging I didn’t have to think too hard when Matt asked me if I’d be interested in participating with that one 😉 Hope to see you there.

    My original plan, you might recall, was to be in Dallas on Wednesday for another event, but that was cancelled this morning (sorry Gary – will get you next time).

    Following OSBC, it’s back to Denver for the evening, and then right back to DIA to catch a flight to NY for an event on Friday which I’m not sure that I can discuss just yet. More on that as I’m able.

Anyway, the net is that this is the best week to get me. Next week’s busy, and it looks as if I’ll be travelling the week after as well.

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  1. While you're in MA next week, will you have time to take a meeting? I'll shoot you an email if you have time.

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