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Out of Uniform

Because I seemed to surprise some of the folks at the Zend Conference by this, I thought I may as well mention my ground rules concerning my business attire. When I’m attending consulting sessions or conferences where I have meetings scheduled, I will always endeavor to look reasonably professional – at least to the degree that I can manage that. You won’t see me a wearing a suit all that often, but business casual I can usually handle.

But the second – and I mean the second – that I’m not required to be in my ‘analyst uniform,’ you’re very likely to find me in jeans, a t-shirt and my Sox hat. I’ve got nothing against business casual attire, for the most part, but it’s tough to beat jeans and t-shirt on the comfort scale. Whether that’s running into me at a conference, at an airport or around town here, I thought I’d mention it so the next folks I run into aren’t quite so surprised ;)

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  • Josh Hallett

    Jeans, t-shirt and Sox hat….hmmmm I've seen that guy. He's pretty laid back.

  • James Governor

    who was asking? what was the context? what josh said though- you are pretty laid back, mr flip flops.

  • Josh Hallett

    Flip-flops allow Jason to expense all those pedicures.

  • Jaime Cardoso

    Stephen: You Work from home and you don't wear a suite to your customers? Now I really hate you !!!

  • stephen o'grady

    Josh: i forgot that you've seen it in full effect ;)

    James: nobody was asking, i just surprised a couple of people by mingling in my developer uni ;)

    Jaime: hahaha – can't blame you guy, can't blame you.