Thanks to Claire, Christopher, Gary and Mike (and Mike)

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I’ll have more thoughts on the Zend Conference and simplicity in a later post, but seeing as I’ve got to head downstairs in a minute to catch Adam Bosworth’s talk (can’t wait) I just wanted to quickly thank Claire, Christopher, Gary and Mike for taking time out of their respective schedules to meet up. Claire was kind enough to drop by the Hyatt Regency here for a quick lunch on her way back from the airport, and after yesterday’s sessions and a quick video debrief with the Zend gang I caught the BART down to the San Fran waterfront to grab a couple of beers with Christopher, Gary and Mike. Lots of interesting discussion yesterday, from the ODF to XML transformation to dual licensing to MySQL to Office/Windows to simplicity to the nature of conferences (and yes, Claire, I am taking your suggestion seriously ;). Great stuff. As always, I appreciate these folks making the time and look forward to seeing them and more of you when I’m out this way next (which could be soon).

Update: As Wednesday seems like it was a week ago, I completely forgot to include Eclipse’s Mike Milinkovich on the list. Mike and I were able to catch up Wed evening briefly before he had to catch his flight, and apparently his reputation preceded him as our food and drinks were nicely comped 😉 Thanks for the time, Mike, and will see you in a few weeks.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed lunch. And we didn't need a taxi driver's recommendation to figure out where to eat! Sounds like the talk went well. –ClaireG

  2. you got to see mike and i missed it. damn.

    come to europe mike and ian, the beers are on me!

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