Thursday Meetup in San Fran?

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Given that I’ll be in San Fran tomorrow night through Friday afternoon for the Zend Conference, I wanted to see if anyone had interest in meeting up while I’m in town – I think Mike is in. I’m currently scheduled to stay at the Hyatt near the airport, but I could certainly pop downtown to meet folks if they’re so inclined, so ping me or drop a comment in if you’d like to grab a beer. Thursday night works best on this end (sorry Bill), because I’ll have no responsibities speaking or moderating at that point. Hope to see some of you in person.


  1. Yeah, I'm in. I suggest Gordon Biersch on the waterfront — see http://www.gordonbiersch.com/restaurants/ and select "San Francisco, CA" from the pull-down at left. It's close to BART, casual and has plenty of space. It's not too hard to fit a group in if you start after the leaving-the-financial-district crowd clears out, at 7pm or 7:30.

  2. Hey, no problem. I'm sure you'll be here again soon enough and the reason Thursday night doesn't work for me is I'm heading down to beautiful San Simeon. Have a good week.

  3. ok, Gordon Biersch it is. how does 7 work for everyone?

    and Bill, don't worry – i may yet be back in just a few weeks 😉 and if we don't catch up then, i'm out quite a bit so we're sure to run across each other one of these days.

  4. I arrive back in the Bay Area mid-day Thursday from Florida – would love to see you but alas after being gone all week I can't abandon the family for Thu night dinner. Let me know if we might be able to work something out in the late afternoon on Thu… If not, hopefully you'll be back in a few weeks after your whirlwind tour! 🙂

  5. Would love to see you. I arrive back in the Bay Area Thu mid-day from Florida. I can't do Thu dinner though. Any chance we can meet Thu afternoon sometime? Let me know. If not, hopefully we can work something out when you're in town again in a few weeks. Travel safe! –ClaireG

  6. Claire: i actually should be free as i'm giving a talk at around 1 or so i think. if you're flying into SFO, i'm actually between you and the city i think at the Hyatt Regency here in San Fran/Burlingame.

    be happy to pop out of the conference to chat if you like.

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