Good Times, Good Times

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time out to come down to the first annual tech meetup last night. We had a couple of last minute dropouts for reasons varying from family illnesses to wedding anniversaries to “on a plane to China,” but I had an excellent time with the folks who were able to make it – and it looks like Alex and Peter did too. In addition to those fine gentlemen, we were joined by Sun’s Lisa, Mariah (did I spell that right?), and Sam, Virtuas’ Matt & Matt, and Mike (do you have a blog Mike?). Even my non-tech friend Andrew stopped in for a beer. Did I forget anyone?

While there was certainly some shop talk – on subjects like Ajax, OpenSolaris, Postgres, and Ruby – it wasn’t all tech, as we managed to get onto the subject of favorite Onion headlines (this was mine).

As the Sports Guy would say, good times, good times – and just what the doctor ordered for yours truly, given my schedule of late. Given the fact that most of the attendees seemed to enjoy the event, not to mention the pizza, I see no reason not to make this a regular event. November’s pretty crowded, so let’s shoot for first or second week in December for the next one if that makes sense.

Thanks again to the folks who made it, and look forward to seeing the folks who couldn’t be there next time.


  1. A friend and I were talking about group like this Arizona. Didn't realize there was in Denver. Could you let me know when the next one is? I'd appreciate it.


  2. yup, if you're in town i'll certainly put you on the list. look forward to meeting you there.

  3. Sorry I missed it! Will definitely be at the next event 😉

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