Man, Do I Need the Tech Meetup

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So I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Tech Meetup in a big way. Due to a poorly timed perfect storm of project deadlines, upcoming travel, and a pending couple of week absence for my colleague, the Tech Meetup represents the only unbooked evening for me until next Friday. As anybody who runs their own business knows, it’s far, far better to be busy than not, but at the moment I am getting absolutely punished. Thus, the Tech Meetup has assumed an even more important role in my calendar.

Attendance looks to be good, as even with a few last minute cancellations (Larkin, you’d better be there for at least a beer – no excuses 😉 we’re still at around 17. There are a couple of other folks that are game time decisions and may show. Net net, should be a good crowd and a good time.

Logistics: as mentioned before, things will kick off at 6:30 PM at the Wazee Supper Club (15th and Wazee), and the event will be on the second floor. If you get there before 7, the first round’s on RedMonk – after that it’s pay as you go. I’m going to try and get there a couple of minutes early, so look for the guy in the Sox hat.

Will look forward to seeing you all there, and will try and have some pictures on Fri.

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  1. Denver Tech Meetup

    I had a great time at the Denver Tech Meetup this evening; met some very interesting folks. Many thanks to Steve for setting it all up.
    I think this is going to be a bi-monthly event1. if you’re in the Denver area make sure you don’t miss…

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