Two Quick Things

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Couple of quick items that don’t merit their own post:

  • Blogroll: As soon as I cut over to FeedLounge from Bloglines, my blogroll became out of date. At the moment, my blogroll is just a JavaScript include that dynamically loads my Bloglines subscriptions – a feature that FL doesn’t offer. Yet, at least. But what I can do via FL – to its credit – is export my current OPML file, which is thus transportable to any competing aggregator or, in this case, a blogroll solution. There are a bunch out there, such as Blogrolling, and I’m curious as to whether or not any of you have experience – good or bad – with these types of services.
  • Job: This is a bit less exotic than some of the data engine or RSS type jobs I’ve brought to your attention in the past, but an old boss of mine is looking to hire a C#/.NET developer in the Boston area (remote’s not an option) at pretty good money so I thought I’d at least mention it. You can check out the listing on craigslist here, and either respond to that or through me. The guy’s good to work for, in case you’re curious.

Oh, and since a couple of folks have asked – the “winter storm” ended up being just a lot of rain. Alex tells me DIA got about 7″, but downtown we got pretty much nothing. The unfortunate part is that I cancelled an in person with some folks down in Englewood yesterday afternoon in attempt to avoid the weather that never showed up, so I’m sure to catch even more (good natured) flack for that then I have already, given that I’ll be seeing some of the folks at the tech meetup this Thursday 😉


  1. Perhaps there was some value in blogrolls in the early days of blogging, but I can't see the point any more. There is never enough information to motivate me to visit a blog just because it's on someone's blogroll. And the longer the blogroll, the more useless it seems. Some people have blogmargins that seem to scroll through to Australia. Surely there are better ways of creating links in the blogosphere?

  2. Indeed, there are better ways. I think keeping up with people's bookmarks, and then subscribing to good blogs you find via that is the ticket.

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