Did I Mention I Was Looking for a New Email Provider?

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Either ASP-One – our Exchange provider – read yesterday’s post and is punishing me, or the fates are conspiring to prove me right because our email has been going up and down all day. Works for an hour, down for 30 minutes. And so on. I get through reading some emails, then go to reply and it times out with about five errors. OWA gives me an HTTP 500 and all I can do is echo Office Space’s Michael Bolton – “That’s what I need. Let’s do that. Let’s do exactly that.”

Now to be fair to the guys from ASP-One, apart from one multi-day outage about a year ago for which we received a month credit, they’ve been a pretty solid email host for us, with a solid (but irritatingly, IE only) admin interface that allows me to manipulate most of our small environment pretty effectively. But we’re still gone as soon as I can find an alternative email/calendar system with similar pricing (sub $50 month range for a couple of accounts), for all the reasons I went through yesterday. And who knows Jaime, maybe it’ll be Sun.

On an unrelated note, it’s amazing how much less I care that my email client goes down than my aggregator.

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  1. Unfortunatelly, I only know one ASP that uses Sun messaging server. Anyway, in Portugal, the ASP market never had a great sucess (unlike Germany, for example).
    My point was more to Sun that, IMO aren't promoting messaging server.
    Exchange may have a big market quota but, let's face it, it's one of the worst products to do that service so, one would think it would be a lot easier to beat.

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