Vacation Update

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Ok, I know I said I’d only drop in updates if I caught a monster fish, and that term is not really applicable to an eight inch striper, but I have to say that catching something right off the dock is a excellent way to begin your first full day of vacation. Normally I’d be upset about being awake before 6 while on vaca, but the combination of some sort of very loud bird right outside the window and an out-of-whack sleep cycle from the red eye yesterday got me up today at about 4 in the morning. Seeing that the tide was on the way out, I grabbed the fly rod and hit the dock, hauling in a juvenile striper on only the third cast [1]. Unfortunately, a pair of cormorants showed up, thrashing the water (even worse than my horrendous casting) and scaring off the fish, which combined with the clouds of black flys killed my desire to try and snag a second – at least for the morning. But a full day of boating, fishing and hiking await, so I’m out of here.

[1] Caught on a chartreuse and white deceiver fly, for the fisherman out there that may be curious.


  1. Thanks for the wikipedia link or I'd thought you had catch a lady who takes her clothes off, …
    Then again, that would be a catch worth blogging, …
    Then again, … maybe not, …
    Enjoy your vacations
    PS. I hope you don't see this comment before you get back (to your home office, ARGH!!!!)

  2. any fish is a good fish, more tight lines.

  3. Jaime: hahaha – comedy. and not to worry, i didn't catch it till i was back 😉

    John: truer words were never spoken. didn't catch anything big, but caught enough to make it fun.

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