Monket Calendar

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Monket Calendar

Originally uploaded by sogrady.

Via Ian Murdock’s blog, I ran across this excellent example of an Ajax calendar client. While I think that many of the innovations we’re going to see in the calendar and collaboration world shortly are going to be more about remaking the traditional calendar views than improving them, this is exactly the type of interactivity that next gen web calendar clients should be shooting for. Code should be available soon, under CC/GPL terms. I wonder if anyone from the Hula gang has seen this yet? Outstanding work, Karl.


  1. Yes, I at least have seen it. It is nice. However the spec’s drawn up for the Hula Calendar are kick ass: http://www.hula-project.org/Hula_Interface_Specification

  2. good news, Joe. i’ve been through some of the specs for the new Hula calendar, and they are pretty solid all around. looking forward to the implementation.

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