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There are some who might be surprised by the fact that PHP just turned 10, given that it’s just now achieving the mainstream recognition it’s deserved, but as Catherine and a host of other folks have noted it was about 10 years ago that the inelegant but highly usable scripting language was unleashed on the world. Congrats to everyone involved on making PHP a success.

Speaking of PHP, two other related news items:

  • Zend Core, a sort of PHP development and hosting framework, went live earlier this week. The IBM version is available in beta now (I’ve got one and will install it on the local test server shortly), and the Oracle version is open for pre-registration.
  • As some folks have perhaps noted, I’ll have the honor of speaking along with IBM’s Rod Smith and Marc Andreessen at Zend’s first PHP conference in October. Will be talking a lot more about this as we get closer to the date; but in the meantime, if you’ve got any great PHP success stories drop me a line.

One last item; I’m curious as to whether any of you have PHP resources you’d recommend. I’m in the process on brushing up on my PHP skills at the moment, which I’ve picked up here and there by virtue of having to tinker with some departmental type PHP apps. Anybody got a favorite text or site?


  1. Stephen, if you want to talk about using PHP and achieveing success in a business environment, I can share with you what our folks have been doing with it.

    Feel free to call when you have time.

    Ph: 204-947-6851

  2. will give you a ring shortly, Nigel, and thanks for the offer.

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