Still Don’t Think Greasemonkey’s a Big Deal?

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Then check this out. In the linked post, an SAP consultant demonstrates – via screencast, no less – how to make an SAP component (thought I’m not familiar with this specific one) more usable via Firefox and the ever amazing Greasemonkey. This probably terrifies and thrills IT staffs simultaneously, in that it introduces the possibility that help desk staff may have to ultimately contend with varying versions of corporate thin clients depending on who’s installed what scripts, but also may free up power users to solve their own problems quickly and easily.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: GM is a big, big deal. People haven’t really caught on to that yet because most of the scripts are targeted at (theoretically) non-enterprise web applications like GMail, but it’s just a matter of time until enterprising IT staffs and power users alike take matters into their own hands with this most powerful Firefox extension. Vigilante development, anyone?

Thanks to Jeremy Dunck for the link.


  1. GreaseMonkey is neither a big deal nor new: this ability has been present from the beginning of DHTML and JavaScript.

    JavaScript/DHTML (like other downloadable/mobile code models) are a security risk that cannot be corrected. They will not be used widely because of that risk.

  2. Couple of thoughts:

    DHTML != GM; GM packages DHTML and Javascript up in an easy to use extension for users. Just because the ability has been present for years does not mean that a new finish on that technology cannot be a big deal.

    Security: saying that downloadable/mobile code models are a security risk that precludes their use is just silly. I guess no one uses GMail?

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