Shots From LinuxWorld

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LinuxWorld Floor

Originally uploaded by sogrady.

For anyone that’s interested, some collected shots I took at LinuxWorld are now up in my Flickr account here.


  1. hey, i was at linux world as well. working the jxta booth at sun. to bad we didn't hook up. talk some snipsnap smack 🙂

  2. sorry to have missed you; the schedule was absolutely nuts the whole show, so i didn't get the chance to stop by.

    where are you located though? i'm by the Sun campuses on both coasts with some regularity, maybe i can catch you later.

  3. santa clara campus. sca21. if you are in the area it would be great to touch base. how's the snipsnap eval going? i find having "conversations" in blog comments unwieldly. that's why i'm playing w/ the idea of incorporating jxta chat, per http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/gonzo/?anchor=bl

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