Anybody Else Notice All the Hiring Going On?

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Is it me or is the tech world really back in the hiring swing? Just in the past few weeks individual bloggers from ESPN, InfoWorld, Kubi, Microsoft, and Yahoo have used their respective pulpits to announce opportunities with their firms. It’s mildly interesting that blogs are used explicitly as hiring vehicles now, as it’s indicative of where people are turning for their news these days, but it’s also a decent sign of growth within the industry I think, because these are just a few of the hiring announcements I’ve seen.

Update: Looks like we can add Mark Fletcher and Bloglines to the list, along with Ask Jeeves.


  1. should we post one? are we hiring? if the right people come along probably. but they have to understand we can't pay big salaries yet. lets get to a million page views a month then it will be easier….

  2. I noticed the upswing a year ago when a job newsletter I receive here in the Bay Area showed recruiting firms seeking to hire recruiters. When staffing firms staff up, you know things have turned around….

  3. I think it's a great way to open a dialogue with potential job candidates. Odds are they're reading my blog (or Jeremy's, or Scoble's) because they're interested in the subject matter and the company. They're basically contextual job postings.

  4. James: seconded.

    David: your comments echo exactly what i was discussing with James not too long ago, when a recruiter – one that i didn't know – contacted some ex-colleagues of mine without my permission or even interest, for a project. that was my first inkling that things might be picking up a bit…

    Kareem: couldn't agree more. not only are they contextual job posting, i think they're also self-selecting of an audience that's probably reasonably well-informed and up-to-date. all in all, i think it's a great channel for recruiting.

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