Calling Feedburner

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You there guys? You listening? Great – got a quick question for you. In your Feedburner stats, you’ve thoughtfully begun to aggregate people who’ve subscribed to different versions of my feed so that I have a better picture of my actual subscriber number. I love it. The problem is, it doesn’t always work all that well. Taking my Bloglines and NewsGator Online subscribers as an example: those numbers vacilate wildly as Feedburner appears to temporarily “lose” various segments of my subscriber base. I have, unfortunately, four different subscriber bases in Bloglines. Sometimes you track all four, sometimes three, sometime two, and rarely – only one. Depending on who’s lost – like the folks subscribing to feeds.feedburner.com/tecosystems, for example, my subscriber number swings up or down by 30, 40, 50 even 60 users in the space of a few hours. While I look carefully enough to not panic when I lose half my audience in this fashion, some of your users might not. Any idea what’s causing it? Would appreciate any insights, thanks.


  1. Hi, this issue has to do with the different ways aliases are requested by the different online aggregators. We're working on tuning this right now. Basically, our previous method of calculating alias rollups was quite rigid, and it just needs to be more flexible to allow for incongruous or at least not perfectly consistent polling habits. we're on it.

  2. thanks for the response, Dick. the explanation continues Feedburner's tradition of solid, open and timely reactions to support questions.

    look forward to the revamped, more flexible engine.

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