This Should be Amusing…

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I’ll be playing on the analysts team at the Golden Penguin Bowl trivia contest at the upcoming LinuxWorld in Boston. We’ll be facing off against members from the media, including the often insightful David Berlind. If you’re at the show, try and make it over. With any luck, I won’t totally humiliate myself. Would that I could use this space as a lifeline. Better yet, post some trivia, and I’ll try to answer it – without Google, I promise. We’ll take that bowl yet.


  1. Here's a brain teaser for you. Which open source operating system version powers the Millenium Falcon?

  2. well, i did promise no Google, so i can't say as i have a clue.

  3. I guess there's no Stanley Cup this year, so the Golden Penguin Bowl will have to do. Best of luck!

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