Alan Brown & Broader Notions of Services

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This is more of a pointer than an entry, but I wanted to call out Alan Brown’s (a Rational Distinguished engineer and all around very sharp guy) entry today which discusses, among other things, open source implications for software development and the impact of consumer (Amazon, eBay, Google, etc) services on service-oriented design and modelling.

I find this interesting because:

  1. Alan’s no dummy, and when it comes to application modelling & design, I listen to him in much the same fashion I’d listen to Bosworth on services (or a host of other topics, but you get the point)
  2. The services = SOAP/WSDL/etc prejudice is – as many of you know – something I’m actively crusading against, and I see none of that in his post. Quite the opposite, in fact
  3. Not only is Rational actively considering the implications of so-called consumer services like Amazon, eBay, and Google, interest is such that they’re considering how to support them via framework and tooling

Anyhow, worth a read if you’ve got the time. Note to self: ping Alan.

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