And Then It Was 2

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I’ve managed to hold off from posting on a topic of immense importance to me – but likely little to my readers – for months, mostly by telling myself I’d be jinxing them. A superstitious lot we are, Red Sox fans. Everyone’s got their tics, their routines, their individual superstitions, but Sox fans are something else.

Now I’m not going to screw up those months of silence on the topic only to jinx us at the very end of the season, but two things made it imperative that I bring this up now.

1. It’s Sunday, and I’m stuck at the office having caught the tail end of the game on the web. (The Sox won, meaning today was a good day in Boston).

2. The magic number is now 2. The magic number is the total number of combined Red Sox wins and Wild Card contender losses that would guarantee the Sox a spot in the postseason.

Why is this important to all of you? Well, if – and I say IF – the Sox were to make the postseason, my work schedule may be…err…adjusted to accomodate game times. The blogging schedule will undoubtedly take a major hit as well. Just wanted to give everyone fair notice, should we get to the promised land. And you know who to root for now, as well.


  1. To complement your Red Sox blog entry and your RSS one, I'll add the following great ESPN columnists RSS feeds which very often comment on the Sox (my team as well !) :

    The pattern of course is: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/rss/columnist?name

  2. Erik is the MAN! Years ago when I was living in NYC, I used to get up at 8 AM Sunday mornings (which after NYC late nights, was something of a challenge) and walk 6 blocks downtown to a newspaper place that carried the Boston Globe Sunday edition. The Sunday Edition featured Peter Gammons' singularly unique "Notes" column, which essentially spawned a cottage industry of similar columns in the same and other sports. I did this simply because Gammons was – and is – a must read. Now that he's with ESPN, I can pick him up as RSS.

    Can't tell you how excited I am about this 😉

    Thanks Erik.

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