On My Wishlist

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Would love to see a version of netapplet for Gentoo – there’s a version for the Debian folks out here.

Simplified network and wireless connectivity would be a welcome addition to my Thinkpad.


  1. hey Stepho–does IBM do anything at all for you on that score? The Thinkpad is an awesome piece of hardware, but it seems like your Linux sandbox, with no Big Blue. Does IBM offer any community resources to get more out of your Thinkpad with Linux? just wondering.

    If not it should. IBM could be learning what works and what doesn't. googling indicates there is a thriving community IBM could tap into

  2. hey man, Linux is indeed very well supported by IBM, and the thousands if not millions of Thinkpad owners out there, but this applet in particular is pretty distro specific. this gets back to the problem that Nat Friedman has spoken on re: Linux for some time: application availability.

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