Gmail, Anyone?

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Anybody still need a Gmail addy? I have a few to give away. Might as well give them to my readers. Just post back here or email me using the contact info at right.

It’s first come, first serve, of course.


  1. I'd like one, if available. Thanks.

    I'm a relatively new reader and have enjoyed the blog a lot.

  2. Ask and ye shall receive, Eric. Thanks for the kind words on the blog. Invite on the way.

  3. I would love a gmail invite if you still have some.

  4. and one to joel. still have 3 left, for anyone interested.

  5. i read your website all the time and love it!

  6. Fantastic! Yes please, if you have one left

  7. one for nikki (thanks for the kudos, nikki) and one for randy equals one left.

  8. Hi Stephen, I would love your last invite if I'm not too late.

  9. Hi Stephen: I'm sure you're out of invites now, however just wanted to commend you on some of the insights on the blog. The idea of eclipse as an app-platform with a db-backend was awesome.

  10. it would be a bummer not to help someone who'd been helpful. if you send over your details – first and last name– baihav then i will send you one of my invites.

  11. hopefully my colleague James can hook you up, Vaibhav, as Jason just got my last one. this is the third or fourth batch of invite's i've received, however, so i'll probably have more.

  12. oh, almost forgot, and thanks for the compliment, Vaibhav. i think we'll see a lot more talk in that direction shortly. my prediction is that BI is just the first of what should be many applications to debut inside the eclipse shell. stay tuned

  13. Hey thanks James, Stephen for the Gmail invite, i'm getting started with it looks good so far.

    About non browser app-platforms (ala. Eclipse), i've been thinking the big problem is going to be to have connected-data and have data updates of thousands of users transport to each other… Ofcourse in a reporting environment like the one you mentioned its less of a problem, but we need to see some data-enabling technologies for disconnected apps pretty soon for growth in this area to happen.

    Cheers, and thanks again.
    [email protected] 😉

  14. totally agreed, vaibhav. as i wrote in my eclipse post, i think it's just a matter of time until eclipse tackles the persistent data storage question, because you're correct – it's a major issue.

  15. Hi,

    I’d like a gmail invite, if you still got one.


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