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SOA morphs into API management – check out this webinar with Layer 7

I have been having a bunch of interesting conversations lately with the likes of Layer 7 Technologies, WS02, and SOA Software: companies that were built to tackle SOA governance issues but are now retooling to support Web style APIs, programming models and services.

Web services such as Google Maps have recently started charging for their API above 25,000 calls a day. API throttling remains an issue for startups small and exploded. Every startup has a story about a friend and partner they give API access to, only to find the friend/partner doesn’t stick to agreed load.

Other, “native web” API management players include our client @apigee, and the daddies of media content API-enablement Mashery. But the “enterprisey” folks are coming. What we learnt in SOA, and built for it, will be relevant in the new world of APIs and post WS-* stack. David Linthicum has been ploughing related furrows of late – see for example Perfect fit: The cloud and SOA — but don’t call it that. I am also happy to see the space coalesce because of my Predictions for 2010.

SOA without the SOA. The hard work done by Oracle, SAP and others will begin to bear fruit. Not in terms of the acronyms loved by Architecture Astronauts such as XML Web Services, WSDL, UDDI and other acronyms – but the componentisation of application suites into more modular services makes them far more amenable to web-based integration.

Anyway – if you’d like to know more why check out a webinar I am doing tomorrow with Layer7 on the subject. You should sign up here.

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  1. James,

    Unfortunately, Layer 7 banned WSO2 employees from attending. I look forward to exploring other avenues to hear your thoughts James.

    SOA lessons learned are being applied to APIs. In fact, we view API management focus on promotion, adoption, monitoring, and monetization as core IT-business best practices that were only implemented by a minority of SOA adopters. Incorporating best practices into new infrastructure run-time packaging will help teams be successful. WSO2’s API Manager composes our enterprise-ready ESB (as an API gateway), Governance Registry (as an API meta-data repository), and Identity Server (for user and key management) with two new web applications.

    More information may be found at and

  2. A view on how the API echo is reinforcing the SOA perspective can be accessed at

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