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The Future Of Corporate Comms: In A Motorhead t-shirt

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duane's world

Duane Nickull is a good friend of mine. We are co-authors on the mythical Web 2.0 Patterns book. I enjoyed his new TV show Duane’s World and it confirmed a lot of suspicions. Millions of TV channels fighting for attention is not a future statement, its a now statement. We’re all media companies whether we like it or not. When I go to major vendor conferences these days they offer us use of professional production studios to help bootstrap RedMonk TV. That seems to me to an unspoken truth about We, The Media. Its not just about every person creating their own TV or news show, its about the fact every company, one way or another, is going to be in the media production business. Whether demonstrating how to use a product, interviewing customers and partners or industry experts, just being entertaining to advance the brand, media is for every company, not just “media companies”.

Why is Duane’s World right on the money? Because it manages to be both slick and “amateur” at the same time. The third part of the show is similar to the RedMonkTV screencasting format (shameless borrowed from the master, John Udell), but Duane adds CreativeCommons music. Adobe is going to make a crapload of money out of this revolution. Apple and Adobe are best placed by far for the ongoing transformation. The means of production are now utterly distributed, as are the means of distribution.

I should also mention that the show includes an interview with Friend of RedMonk Andre Charland of Nitobi, the enterprise AJAX boutique. Check out that beard… and the stickers on Duane’s guitars.

disclosure: Adobe is a client. Duane and Andre are friends.


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  2. Cool show! And I feel like I’m getting more technically ept with every minute I watch. šŸ˜‰

  3. Indeed Tim. Duane is a pretty smart guy.

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