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links for 2007-11-08

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  1. RE: The LSE data feed problem

    I’ve probably missed something, but that article doesn’t specifically state that the inherent failure of a Microsoft application was the cause of the “data dissemination” problems. Our simple Reuters data feed is complicated enough,involving various networking and server solutions.

    By the looks of things, the LSE is a huge reference site for Cisco, HP and Accenture probably others too: http://www.silicon.com/financialservices/0,3800010322,39160347,00.htm

    “The data delivery system is a culmination of efforts from the likes of HP (hardware), Cisco (networks), Microsoft (software) and Accenture (project management), which all worked with the exchange’s IT team to build the system, Infolect.”

    Isn’t it just as likely that there’s been poor capacity or change management which has led to the jitters?

  2. This screw-up can’t be blamed on Microsoft, HP, Cisco or anyone else. It is up to the London Stock Exchange to acquire and maintain a platform that works. Delivering the data that market participants need. 24/24h 365 days of the year. Or else get out of the business.

  3. Good point Mike. But as I say Microsoft has spent a lot of time explaining how it now “underpins” LSE operations. If there is a failure then, of course it will come under close scrutiny.

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